This may come as a surprise, but coughing is an entirely normal bodily reflex. The primary function of a cough is to rid your body of irritants. This may include smoke or mucus in your airway. So, a cough here and there is inevitable.

But more regular bouts of coughing may indicate an issue that needs to be resolved. It may be a symptom of a medical condition involving the lungs such as asthma, pneumonia, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It could also indicate a problem with too many toxins in your environment.

The bottom line is, if your cough isn’t going away, see a doctor – preferably a pulmonary medicine specialist like the lung doctors at Lung & Sleep Specialists of North Texas. Because if your cough won’t go away, you need to treat it’s root cause, not just the cough itself.

Meanwhile, there are several home remedies that may help relieve coughing, especially when it’s related to something like the common cold. These remedies include:

·       Hydrate Yourself. When you have a cold, the mucus in your body can irritate your throat and cause more coughing. Drinking lots of water can help reduce mucus. Staying hydrated will help thin out the irritants and discharge them eventually.

·       Moisten the Air Around You. Moist air can also help in thinning out the mucus. You can do this with the help of a humidifier, or by taking a warm bath or shower. It will loosen the irritants inside your body to aid faster discharge.

·       Rinse Your Nose. When have a stuffy nose, you may want to try using a neti pot or similar device to irrigate your sinuses. Doing so will help flush out irritants and allergens in your nasal area.

·       Remove Irritants Around You. Your environment may trigger your cough. Check your surroundings and ensure that it is clean and free from potential triggers such as smoke, exhaust, chemicals, etc. You may also be sensitive to certain products like laundry detergent, powder, and perfume.

·       Drink Something Hot. Drinking something warm can help thin mucus, helping to alleviate coughing. Hot drinks can also help relax you.

·       Sleep in an Inclined Position. Lying flat can stop your body from discharging mucus. Instead, lay down in an inclined position. You can use an additional pillow to raise your head. Doing so can prevent the mucus from pooling in your throat and cause further coughing.

·       Quit Smoking. Smoking can damage the lungs’ ability to effectively clear substances from the airway. And lung damage makes you more prone to long-term cough. To prevent lung and other problems, steer clear of smoking, vaping, and even second hand smoke.

If you’ve tried the remedies mentioned here but are still not finding relief for your cough, then it may be time to seek professional help. The friendly staff at Lung & Sleep Specialists of North Texas is here to help. Call (817) 594-9993 today or request an appointment now.

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