The word “pulmonary” refers to the lungs. Their function is to bring in oxygen when you inhale air, and to get rid of carbon dioxide when you exhale. This exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is vital for proper function of many systems and organs within our bodies.

Pulmonary medicine encompasses the evaluation and management of various disorders of the lungs. There are many conditions that can interfere with lung function and pulmonologists are the specialists who deal with lung health. A simple cold could turn into an infection or pneumonia.

Sleep apnea is a breathing-related sleep disorder that causes you to wake up gasping for air. Pulmonologists also treat more serious conditions like COPD and lung cancer.

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At Lung & Sleep Specialists of North Texas, we excel at advanced diagnosis and treatment of various lung conditions. Our providers are board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary care, and critical care. They are experienced in developing a care plan that encompasses the whole person, not just treating isolated symptoms.

For more information on pulmonary function and disorders, take a look at the conditions we treat and treatments we offer at Lung & Sleep Specialists of North Texas in Weatherford.

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