Studies have linked sleep disorders to allergies, namely that people with allergies have a much higher incidence of sleep difficulties than those without. The worse your allergies are, the worse your sleep problem tends to be.

Sleep is imperative to your overall health, so if allergy symptoms (coughing, nasal congestion, etc.) are interfering with your sleep, you should see a sleep doctor to find a solution. Let’s talk about how sleep specialists can treat sleep issues brought on by spring allergies, and where you can go in Weatherford to see a physician who can help you start getting a good night’s sleep.

What Is a Sleep Doctor?

A sleep doctor is a physician who specializes in sleep medicine, which is the specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of the underlying causes of sleep disorders. These medical specialists usually take a holistic approach to treating your problem.

This specialist will consider every aspect of your life that can affect your quality of sleep, including allergies or anything that obstructs the airway. If the doctor determines that your allergies are causing your sleeping problems, then the doctor will explain and prescribe treatments that will help you mitigate the allergy.

What Does a Sleep Doctor Do for Allergies?

If you have spring allergies, the sleep doctor can customize your treatment plan which will include addressing the allergies. It is not uncommon for sleep medicine doctors to also be well-trained in diagnosing and treating allergies like an allergist would.

Your allergy treatment plan will likely include recommendations about how to avoid exposure to your allergy triggers, and learning how to use your allergy medication to restore your ability to breathe and sleep. Lifestyle changes may also be part of your treatment plan to provide relief from your symptoms.

A sleep doctor is dedicated to helping you fully understand your issue and providing you with the tools you need to take control of your condition.

Sleep Medicine Doctor in Weatherford, TX

At Lung & Sleep Specialists of North Texas in Weatherford, we have a board-certified sleep medicine specialist on our team: Dr. Olusegun Oseni. He will diagnose the root cause of your sleep issue and help you sleep soundly again. Dr. Oseni’s background is in internal medicine and pulmonology, and this expertise allows him to treat patients with allergies who are experiencing problems with sleeping.

Depending on the severity of your sleep disorder, Dr. Oseni may recommend a sleep study – which can take place in our world-class, bedroom-like sleep center. After a thorough evaluation of how you sleep and what causes you to wake up periodically, Dr. Oseni will provide a diagnosis and design a customized treatment plan for you. We deliver holistic care for your condition.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Oseni, call our office today at (817) 594-9993 or fill out our convenient appointment request form online now. We look forward to helping you better manage your sleep and allergy issues in our world-class lung and sleep center!

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